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Hurray! graFFFest 2012 went through: sum it up

First of all, winners of our 5 competitions:

Best Urban Legend animation


The Best Urban Legend, “Real scary TV”, prize  500 €:

Luminaris (dir. J.P.Zaramella), Argentina

Special mentions:

The most elegant video design Bendito Machine IV (dir. Jossie Malis), Spain

The unrivaled perfection in lightgraffiti genre Rippled (dir. D.Prendergast), Australia

True street-art story The Illustrated City (dir. Jan Andersson), Finland

All films selected to competition

Best “Cats in the city” animation or internet feature film


Best city cat (jury’s selection) Simon's Cat in "The Box" (dir. Simon Tofield), UK

Special mentions:

Malevich cat (from the Cat Republic)  "Meow Mix" (dir. Cyriak Harris), UK

The most popular cat (by the bridge public’s reaction) Hank For Senate  "The Greatest Land of All" (dir. Matthew O'Leary), USA

Cats-creators (special mention from the cat competition curator) "NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect" (Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow); “Skifcha” (Denis Pisarev and Mary Kuzmenkova).

Street art cinema is a new genre of contemporary art!

GraFFFoto – International graffiti photo competition

Winner (380 votes on

graph ATC – Sapunov Andrey

г. Saint-Petersburg, graffiti photo address

04229 Leipzig, Germany

Gie?erstra?e 16

Gallery of graffiti-photo

Competition from the welcoming graFFFest’s partner Igora resort
Fit your snowboard in the summer!

Finalists: Q2, Wais, Floksy, Kreal, Jimer

Winner: Wais

Social network Vkontakte alternative logo competition

Winner: Artem Erofeev


Congratulations for winners! Thank you for everybody who took part in our competitions!

Performance Street Art Jam at the Palace Bridge gathered 30 000 spectators! At Aug 17-18 overnight more than 30 000 residents and guests of Staint-Petersburg visited th biggest open air cinema: Street Art Jam went off. Erected wing of Palace Bridge on the side of the Hermitage turned into the huge screen having an area more than 400 square metres.

New pieces of art were created at our art forum:

10 canvas of writers and street artists on Saint-Petersburg streets (see gallery "The Open Air Museum of Street Art")
Artists:Kreal, YekaHaski, Pacer, Wais, Fuze, Floksi, Trun, Folmer, Sveta Petrova, Fuze\Cberio

New graffiti walls "City Athmosphere"
International Art forum graFFFest brought new attraction to Saint-Petersburg: new graffiti wall more than 140 metres long was created on 13, Corpusnaya st. (the Center of Culure “Red Banner”). Total area of the wall paintings is more than 700 square metres. In this year russian session of "Meeting of Styles" (the eldest international graffiti festival in Germany) went through as a part of art forum. More than 60 russian and european artists were working on the design of “Red Banner”'s walls for three days: ZEBSTER (COD, ON THE RUN, SURE SHOCK WRITERS), CREN (TNB, CBR, KD), PETS (CBR), KAYO (Mittwochsmaler), SLIDER (BANDITS, BSX, MACIA), Pacer (TADSYN), Wais (TADFF), Truba (TADFF), Retro (TAD), Kreal (TAD), Floksy, Sindik (US), Brow (US), Trick (BDA)., Kink (TS), Dusto (BLUD), Roof 169, Folmer, Igrock (FIRMA), Ukey (UPDATE), Snow (UPDATE), Pats (S&T), Cberio (S&T), Steor (FRB,SKR), Lublue, Adno, Ima (TUMOSATA), Samek (FYM), She (158,KGM), Deep (158,ИСК), Aroe (TUMOSATA), Dange, Petro (AES), Slag (AES), Vedro (AES), Nabor (AES), Pour (TS), Sodk (MK), Jayer (MVP), Swamp, Sens (WAC), Sofer(158), Uran (BLUD), Neals, Inor (BEDA), Akue (KGM), Danger.

See Gallery.

To see the scrolling image of the main wall please place the cursor at the right field of the photo below:




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