конкурс скетчей: граффити в арт-пространстве “Красное знамя”

Участвуй и голосуй!

конкурс : твое граффити на дворцовом мосту

Участвуй и голосуй!

конкурс : твое граффити на дворцовом мосту

The International Art-Forum graFFFest 2012 program
July – August 2012
 Auteur graffiti-photo contest on www.grasfffest.ru
Accepting applications for participation in contests of art forum graFFFest 2012
August 1-17
Ad boards on the city streets
“Open air street art museum” – street performance on decoration of ad boards with pictures, done in graffiti and street art style
August 10-12
Red Banner Culture Centre
Within graFFFest there will be a Meeting of Styles, a largest graffiti fest in the world Russian event
17-18 Aug, night, 1.30-4.30

The Hermitage side of the Palace Bridge

Street Art Jam on the wing of the drawn Palace bridge turning into a 400 m2 screen, showing video graffiti, works of photo contest winners, contest movie programs of art forum:
Animation movies – ‘Urban legends”, internet movies “Cats in the City” and also a program of silent animation accompanied with live music due to the 100 years of the Russian Animation.
There will be a concert of Hip-hop stars to support the actual and new art.
Admissions free



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